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Velvet Mesquite - Illustration by George Malesky
Velvet Mesquite
A Natural Symbol of Sustainable Peace

Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA)
~ promoting peace, justice, and sustainability
Organizational Listings by Strategic Approaches Forthcoming

The strategic approaches identified are based on the actions for peace strategies presented in The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding by Lisa Schirch. "This Little Book attempts to provide a more unified and strategic vision of peacebuilding. It seeks to show how the various approaches to peacebuilding connect and together contribute to addressing violence while bringing about long-term structural change."

"Building a just and sustainable peace requires that the various actors and actions are coordinated into an overarching framework." To find which actors are taking which actions, click on the strategies listed below.

Nonviolent actions
Reducing direct violence
Transforming relationships
Building capacity for a culture of peace

The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding is available online from www.amazon.com or by calling 1-800-762-7171 (discounts available for multiple copies). For more information about Strategic Peacebuilding visit www.emu.edu/cjp